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Homeowners Association

One of our areas of specialty is the management of townhome and condominium associations. We have over a decade of experience of management of some of the Des Moines area's finest associations. In 2003, Conlin Properties became the first property management company in Iowa to become a member of the Community Associations Institute, a nationally recognized certifying body for professionalism in homeowner and community association management. As a member of CAI, Conlin Properties hosts seminars and meetings for other association groups and serves as a conduit for CAI resources to property managers in central Iowa.

In recent years, we have developed extensive expertise in working with developers bringing new developments on line. We are able to assist developers with the advancement of a homeowners association and the gradual transition from a developer-controlled association to one controlled by the property owners.

Value for the Property Owner

One of the largest benefits our professional management offers is protection for the investment that an owner makes in their home. As a member of an owners association, property values are subject to the health of the association as a result of the status of capital reserves and future requirements. Professional management of these risks is critical to maintaining and increasing the value of the home. In addition, ongoing professional management offers a common thread from year-to-year as board members change, with regards to record keeping, budgeting, and dealing with contractors and suppliers.

Additional Information

For information about our association management division, please contact:

Darryn Aldinger, Director of Conlin Community Management
Conlin Properties, Inc.
3721 SW 61st Street, Suite A
Des Moines, IA 50321
Phone: 515-246-8016, Ext. 20

For general questions please call our Client Services Line at 515-246-0006.

In case of a maintenance emergency, please contact our emergency paging system at 515-246-0007.